Nettle (Fructus Benedictus)

Nettle (Fructus Benedictus)

(Urtica Dioica)



Often called stinging nettle, this is a herbaceous, perennial flowering plant native to Europe, Asis, North Africa and North America. Its soft green leaves are finely serrated and covered with fine stinging hairs.


Properties and Uses

Nettle leaf is used as a traditional tonic to strengthen and support the whole body. Rich in minerals, Nettle has also been used to alleviate haemorraghing,and bleeding from cuts/wounds. Stinging nettles contain antihistamines which open up bronchial and nasal passages and is therefore said to help to ease hay fever




Nettle stings prvented sorcery and their presence can denote the site of former human or animal habitation because of the higher levels of phosphate and nitrogen in the soil.


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