Chaste Tree (Fructus Benedictus)

Chaste Tree (Fructus Benedictus)

(Vitex agnus-castus)


A deciduous shrub with fragrant flowers and grey or purple berries found in the Mediterranean region.

Properties and Uses

Chaste Tree has had a history for over 2500 years as an effective treatment for menstrual disorders.It is said to help normalise the activity of female sex hormones and can therefore be used for pre-menstrual tension. It can also be helpful in regaining natural balance after use of the birth control pill.


The chaste tree berry has a long history of use in Europe and was also used in the monasteries. It had the common name monks pepper. It has a history of use by ancient Greeks and, through the later centuries, common people in Europe, for the treatment of female hormonal imbalances.


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