Samphire (Norfolk Punch)

Samphire (Norfolk Punch)


(Salicornia Herbacea)

Also known as Glasswort,  Sea fennel, Crest marine, Sampier, Sea asparagus, Poor mans asparagus,



Samphire(marsh) grows on the coastal marshes by the sea coast of Northern Europe. The leaves are narrow, bright green and salty.


Properties and Uses

As a food usually cooked in butter or steamed like asparagus. Said to be diuretic and aids digestion. High in vitamin C and iodine.



Originally called sampiere from 'herbe de St-Pierre', named for the patron saint of fishermen. Rich in soda it was used in the manufacture of glass and soap. In monastic Orders of Norfolk the tender shoots were pickled in vinegar flavoured with malt to be served when the herb was scarce.  For hundreds of years it was shipped to London but fell out of favour until 1981 when it was served at the royal wedding breakfast of Charles and Diana after being gathered from the Sandringham marshes

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