Hops (Norfolk Punch, Hearts Delight)

Hops (Norfolk Punch, Hearts Delight)

(Humulus lupulus)

Also known as Humulus, Lupulus, Hop vine



Grows in vines. The 'hops' are the larger female flowers of the plant. (Male flowers are clusters of tiny green flowers.)


Properties and Uses

Used often for it's sedative properties as in Hop Pillows, filled with hops and lavender to help with insomnia. They can be used internally, as in a tea, for ease of nervous tension, digestive problems. sometimes used externally for skin infections such as eczema and leg ulcers. The antiseptic and anti-dandruss properties of hops means they are sometimes used in shampoos



The english name 'hop' comes from the anglo-saxon 'hoppan' meaning, to climb. They were cultivated in parts of Europe from as early as the 8th century but started being used in beer making in the 11th. In England hops were only used in beer making from around 1600.

















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